Key Services

Reflow can offer a lot for a small company. We have an extensive plant list in house and our dedicated team have years of experience in this field.

Outlined below is a list of the services we offer. This is by no means exhaustive however, so if your requirements are not included, please ask.


Single and/or double sided surface mount assembly, including fine pitch QFP & BGA.

Conventional 'through hole' assemblies. These are only offered in small quantities as we do not have wave soldering facilities.

SMT work can be carried out manually using tweezers and a drawing / parts list, semi-automatically with the Essemtec fine-placer and/or the Dima FL200 or fully automatically on our Dima Optimat machines.

If required, Reflow will assemble the SMT parts only and deliver the boards for the customer to complete the 'through hole' process.

Reflow can work with free issued parts or we are happy to purchase the full kit required for your build, incuding PCBs.

Pick & place CAD data is preferred but if need be, we can produce from a drawing on a scrap of paper.

SAC alloy is used by default but if you require a different type, please ask.

Most surface mount assemblies (up to 450mm sq) are reflowed in the Vapour Phase oven using Galden LS230 (230C) although other fluids are available if required.



Reflow offer rework of conventional PTH components, SMT components including BGA parts.

Removal, replacement or component recovery. Components can be fitted by conventional soldering processes, removed by IR, hot air. Alternatively, after baking in the drying oven, the assembly can be reworked in the Vapour Phase oven.

Modification - Simple track cuts, wire links or more complex 'InvisiMod' solutions are offered by Reflow



Reflow recognise the importance of frequent process inspection, checking individual processes and a final thorough inspection.

Most process inspection is done by AOI, but first off's and fine pitch placement are also checked under magnification either with a stereo microscope or with a video microscope.



At Reflow, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide our customers with a fast turn-around and in certain circumstances, small jobs can even be delivered the same day as they arrive. Other delivery schedules are agreed with the customer on ordering and we respect the importance of delivering on time, every time.



All work carried out by Reflow is done with one thing in mind, customer satisfaction.

Our long term repeat customers are testimony to our commitment to providing a professional service from beginning to end.