Plant List


Solder Paste

Dima Dotmaster Solder Paste Dispenser - Maximum PCB dispense area 320 x 420mm. Ideal for quick turn round or a one off, programmed from teach camera or pick & place file

EMS SP-20/20 Stencil Printer - Maximum PCB print area 430 x 450mm Pneumatic control of squeegee pressure

Fritsch SD 903 Semi-automatic stencil printer.

Dima SP200 Solder paste printer - Stencil printer


Pick & Place

Essemtec Expert Line Semi-automatic placement system. Simplified assembly of complex prototypes from CAD data or manual teach. Maximum PCB 260 x 400mm

Dima FL200 Semi-automatic placement system. Program from CAD or teach, reel and carousel feeders.

Dima Optimat Flexible automatic assembly, programmed by teach or from CAD. Components from 0402 to 33 x 33mm up to 95 feeders with component and fiducial cameras Maximum PCB 325 x 400mm

The Dima Optimat is such a good machine, we now have 3 of them

Cad2Dima Conversion from user Pick and Place to Dima Oprimat or FL200



Techno HA-02 Batch Oven Ideal for simple 1 off's

Dima SMRO 0252 8 Zone IR oven with Oven Manager Software

Asscon Quicky 450 Condensation Reflow "Vapour Phase" oven No shadowing, uniform heating, inert vapour and absolutely reproducible soldering profiles even with different assemblies. Without HFCH media.

Memmert UFB440 Drying Oven. Curing or Drying of components or assemblies



Seika 2001 SS700 Hot Gas Rework Station over 30 nozzles for reworking SOT to 36 x 36mm components

Ersa IR 500 IR Rework Station Tool-less rework of components

JBC AM6000 Hot Air Rework Station. Hot air, de-soldering and temperature controlled soldering station

APE Sniper Split Vision BGA Placement and Rework System

Air-Vac DRS24 Automatic rework and semi-automatic assembly of BGA's, micro BGA and other area aray packaged components


YesTek ScanSpection AOI System Flatbed scanner based inspection

Nikon SMZ-1 Microscope

Meiji Video Microscope

Micro Square BGA video microscope



Blundell System 2000 Floor standing aqueous cleaning and drying machine