Manual Printer

The EMS SP 20/20 is an ergonomically designed, bench top Stencil Printer with unique features for consistent and repeatable, high quality printing for SMT.

  • Squeegee pressure is controlled and can be adjusted by pneumatic cylinder.
  • Squeegee pressure can be varied with a front panel pressure gauge, assuring consistent printing.
  • Stencil frame up / down movement is pneumatically controlled by a front panel switch which assures smooth snap-off of stencil from the board.
  • Stencil frame repeatability is within 20 microns, adding to repeatable printing quality.
  • Rigid clamping of PCB holding plate.
  • Dual squeegee head for bi-directional leading edge printing for clear prints.
  • Adapter bars to mount different stencil frame sizes.
  • Single point Z-axis adjustment for PCB thickness variations.
  • Four different squeegee assemblies to cater to different board widths (optional).
  • Independent X, Y and Theta adjustments and locking ensures rigid clamping of PCB resulting in excellent repeatability.
  • Optional tooling for double-sided printing.
  • Front panel pneumatic switches for frame up / down and squeegee selection for forward /reverse strokes